Functional Medicine Treatment Alternatives in Seattle

The experts at Reese Chiropractic, a locally-owned medical practice in Seattle, offer exceptional functional medicine advice and treatment. Our highly-trained and experienced team is passionate about providing an accurate diagnosis and creating a personalized treatment plan, so you can return to enjoying a healthy, pain-free life. After just one visit, you’ll understand why so many people prefer our natural and alternative medical treatment services over all others.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is a healthcare approach that places the primary focus on identifying and addressing the root cause of a condition or disease. This individualized method is based in constantly evolving nutritional science, genomics, and epigenetics research. Doctors who utilize it often find ways to apply medical advances to treat patients using low-risk interventions.

Our Functional Medicine Services in Seattle

The experts at Reese Chiropractic believe that healthcare should be about more than seeing as many patients as possible, writing prescriptions, and hoping for the best. Our medical staff is proud to offer functional medicine treatment options to patients interested in addressing the source of their conditions instead of just managing the resulting symptoms. Dr. Reese, who is specifically trained to identify and treat the root cause of an illness or disease, specializes in a variety of treatment techniques. We utilize the following methods:

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation
Class Four FDA Approved Cold Laser Treatment
Active Release Technique
Graston Technique

We Care About Our Patients

In addition to receiving quality functional medicine treatment services and unmistakable results, you’ll also get a first-rate patient care experience when you visit Reese Chiropractic. Our expert medical team takes every condition and treatment plan seriously. That’s why people from all over the region choose us when they need holistic, natural, and courteous healthcare. You can also count on us for quality chiropractic care and nutrition advice.

Functional Medicine Experts in Seattle

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