Expert Care for Personal Injuries

We can treat your personal injury in our Anacortes clinic.

personal injury careA personal injury can have many causes. Auto accidents, workplace accidents, assaults product defects, and many more. If you are experiencing pain due to circumstances that were out of your control, it’s important to make sure that you clearly understand the extent of your injuries and receive proper treatment to minimize long-term costs and health consequences.

Our primary goal at Reese Chiropractic & Functional Medicine is to assist your body in naturally healing itself. Dr. Reese will incorporate manual and impulse adjustments and other services such as soft tissue mobilization, cold laser, and nutritional support. These services will help control pain without prescription pain killers. We provide long-term solutions that do not mask your pain.

If you’ve been involved in an accident, seek medical attention as soon as possible, even if you don’t see any outward signs of injury. Receiving prompt, appropriate care ensures you’ll be able to recover and return to normal activities sooner. Call to make an appointment today for a personal injury assessment and treatment plan.

Here are some common conditions associated with personal and work-related injuries:

  • Back and neck injuries (strains, sprains, herniated discs, joint dysfunction)
  • Repetitive motion injuries (carpel tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, muscle/tendon strains, neuropathy)
  • Overexertion (injuries cause by lifting, pushing, holding, carrying, throwing, or pulling)
  • Non-fracture damage to soft tissues and joints associated with a fall on wet/slippery surfaces
  • Accidental impact (running into a stationary object such as a wall or furniture)
  • Transportation incident (automobile accident injuries such as whiplash and impact injuries)
  • Body reaction injuries (avoiding a near fall or sudden jolt)

personal injury care

Getting Back to Normal

We offer comprehensive services for evaluating and treating personal injuries. Each patient receives an individualized treatment and recovery plan to help you return to your regular activities pain-free. Treatment protocol is customized for the overall health and fitness level, and current physical, emotional, or mental challenges. The recovery plan aims to get your body functioning normally without pain and helps you develop health-maintenance strategies so you can avoid similar injuries as you return to normal activities.

Working with Insurance

Reese Chiropractic & Functional Medicine works with many types of insurance. Our office can assist you on how to file a personal injury claim. We also have connections with many of the area’s best personal injury law firms.

We Treat Labor & Industries Cases

Reese Chiropractic & Functional Medicine is accredited by the Washington State Labor & Industries Department to treat Labor & Industries (L&I) injury cases. If you’ve been injured on or off the job, just one visit to our practice and you’ll never want to go anywhere else for natural, alternative medical treatment for pain relief and resolution of physical dysfunction issues.